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A Safe, Easier Way to Trade and Store Cryptocurrencies

Safely trade and store Bitcoin, Ethereum and 26+ other cryptocurrencies. Find the next big play on BictoryEX.


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Bictory Exchange Features

World Class Trading Platform

BictoryEX is built with key features and full access to sophisticated trade management tools, and a classic user interface to assist traders in making faster, better, and safer trade decisions.

Powerful Spot Trading.
Built with key features and full access to sophisticated trade management tools to assist traders in making faster and better trade decisions.
Concordium ID Layer
Seamless KYC/AML Verification on BictoryEX with the ID layer technology on the Concordium Blockchain. No extra documents required.
Quick Settlements.
Fast confirmation times for Trade orders, deposits & withdrawals. Fund and withdraw your assets on BictoryEX when you please.
Secure Storage Facility.
Fitted with the most reliable security and storage technologies in the crypto industry. Safely store your cryptocurrencies on BictoryEX.
24/7 Customer Support
Reliable customer support infrastructure for real-time resolution. Contact BictoryEX customer support with your questions at any time.
Multiple Crypto Assets
BictoryEX currently supports over 26 crypto assets now. Explore & trade a growing list of cryptocurrencies on our one-stop-shop exchange.
Intuitive User Interface
BictoryEX was developed with the functionality and ease of use for our global userbase in mind, whether trade veterans or new community members.
Leveraged Trading.
Multiply the size of your trade positions. Open Longs and Shorts by up to 10x leverage on BictoryEX Derivatives platform. Coming soon.

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What is a Blockchain?
The blockchain technology derives its name from its functionality. It’s a timestamped ledger of transactions distributed across a computer network to guarantee immutability in a decentralized manner.
What is BictoryEX?
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How can i secure my BictoryEX account?
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Safely trade and store Bitcoin, Ethereum and 26+ other cryptocurrencies on BictoryEX, the fastest growing crypto trading platform.
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